Air Source Heat Pumps

For most houses air source heat pumps are an energy efficient alternative to a fossil fuel burning boiler and these systems are suitable for both new build developments or retrofitting to existing properties.


what are the advantages?

  • Generous support from the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive can pay most of the installation costs.
  • Ideally suited to rural off grid properties providing lower running costs than oil or LPG gas, plus no unsightly or bulky storage tank.
  • Massively reduced carbon emissions, especially as the proportion of renewables in the electricity supply continues to rise.
  • Reliable, modern technology from long established international companies. Air source heat pumps are commonly used across Europe and are relatively new only in the UK market.

how does it work?

  • Powered by electricity, it extracts heat out of the air and transfers it to water at a higher temperature, which heats the house and the domestic hot water. It is like a fridge running in reverse.
  • In modern, well-insulated buildings with low heat losses and underfloor heating, efficiencies of 500% can be achieved, ie 1 kW of electricity can generate 5 kW of heat.
  • In older buildings, radiators can either be enlarged to cope with its lower flow temperatures (45 – 55ºC) or high temperature models can be used that run at the same temperatures as oil or gas boilers.