Water source heat pump for commercial RHI

The owners of these properties were looking to replace their aging boiler and night storage systems with a modern energy efficient system that would utilize renewable energy, as they had done in their previous home with an air source heat pump. With free energy available from the passing water in the river, a water source heat pump was the obvious choice.

In summer 2017 Energy-tec were commissioned to replace the existing heating systems in three separate properties with a single ground source heat pump system that was eligible for the Government’s 20-year commercial Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). An interconnecting district heating circuit would distribute heat and hot water to the separate buildings.

A location for the collector (Energy Blades) was chosen, away from the main water course, that provided enough flow to supply the system with sufficient thermal energy for peak demand. Buried fusion welded P.E. pipe work connected the three Energy Blades to the main plant. This plant comprised of a 30kW and a 35kW CTC ground source heat pumps, a heating buffer vessel and hot water cylinder. The buried pre-insulated pipe work then distributed the heating and hot water to the three properties.

To provide local control we installed Google Nest controls in the two smaller properties and Honeywell Evohome in the largest. This allows the owners to use their mobiles, computers etc to conveniently and efficiently control the heating and hot water.

In addition to the heat pump system, we were able to offer a range of other services including installing a new electrical system in a room that was being renovated, the plumbing and electrics for a new shower room and additional ducting for buried comms cabling.